Le coffre aux trésors du chaînon

Le Chaînon, a lasting story

In 1932, Montrealer Yvonne Maisonneuve sets up a shelter in an apartment on Fairmount Street, where at first she takes in young women who are without resources and cannot cope with the Depression and harshness of city life.

In ensuing years, the needs grow and the shelter moves from one big house to another, one of which is located on de La Gauchetière Street in the downtown area, and can accommodate women with their children. For many decades, Le Chaînon would even take in young girls and also provide at-home assistance.

Rapidly gaining in reputation in Montreal, Le Chaînon can respond to the ever growing demands for assistance thanks to the devotion of its associates : several young women having gradually joined the ranks in Yvonne Maisonneuve's mission.

Since the end of the 70's, Le Chaînon has dedicated their support to women living alone and is now located across from the Mont-Royal, at 4373 de l'Esplanade Avenue. Its spacious quarters and the quality of its hospitality contribute today to its being the most important ongoing resource providing shelter to women in need in Quebec.